1. Why do a genetic test?

As humans, we each have between 20,000 and 25,000 genes. Most genes are the same in all of us, but there will be differences in less than one percent of them, which is what makes us unique.

The science of genetics is helping us to understand what these small differences mean. Research has shown that your genes affect how you respond to your surroundings and experiences. Tiny variations can affect how your muscles form and behave, how your body uses the major food groups and whether you are likely to lack certain vitamins or minerals.

That’s why genetic testing is becoming increasingly popular and useful.

2. What are the benefits of DTc genetic tests, both in general and in terms of health and fitness?

There are multiple benefits to DTc genetic testing, the 1st being that genetic testing gives power to the client, as the client is also the customer. Customers expect quality and value for money with any purchase, therefore genetic testing companies have to be effective, efficient and offer excellent service and expertise to keep their custom.

Genetic testing companies can utilise their resources in multiple ways to reach certain needs, whilst public sector research often concentrates on only very important studies such as cancer research, we can concentrate on other aspects of research, analysis and development such as nutrition, response to training and exercise and other genetic variants on health. Due to the fact that public sector money will always be placed on genetic research into specific diseases, DTC companies give individuals the power to find out variants related to their fitness and diet response, which can give a client the power to change their lifestyle or/and training to meet specific goals or to live healthier.

Takes away a lot of the guess work and means we can help and support individuals on an individual personalised level and help people who may be struggling to achieve goals.

3. Who should have this testing done?

There are multiple reasons to do a genetic test, different people will want different things from genetic testing. However, we find the test relates heavily to people who want to take their sport or training to the next level by utilising the information to train smarter, eat smarter and understand their body. However the test has the capacity to attract multiple people depending on how you use the information, anyone interested in bettering their health should get this test done, knowledge is power after all.

4. How can genetic testing help me?

Knowing that you will have variations in your DNA is the starting point. Genetic testing can identify these tiny differences. For this information to be useful to you, it’s also important to understand what you want to achieve in terms of your health, fitness and lifestyle.

Then we can interpret your test results and advise you about your options and actions you can take.

5. What does your client demographic look like?

Demographics of the test vary greatly, however, we find that people aged between 22-45 are the main age group for direct to consumer purchasing, however, when football clubs and coaching teams purchase tests they will often test younger than 22. Males are the predominate purchaser of genetic tests, with around a 65/35 split towards males, however, I believe this comes down to marketing, other companies may have the same split in a different direction depending on marketing.

6. How reliable is DTc testing?

Reliability of testing is something that all DTc companies should strive for, from a start the actual raw data must be accurate. We have done checks that DNA data coming out of the lab can be replicated in a different lab and that the results match, from all analysis's of raw data we find that we have a 99.99% accuracy on average, which is the gold standard. The interpretation of data is where most DTc companies differ, we have an expert team made from the scientists in the lab, professional sports coaches, health professionals and sports nutritionists so that the interpretation is made from rock solid published research, in company research and real world results.

7. Are there any commonalities or patterns you see in results across your client base?

For sport, there really isn't much similarity, even if we test people that you would think would be very similar (like a group of PTs) there are marked and varied genetic differences. However, when we have tested groups of specific athletes (power athletes) we find that there are far more similarities in certain genes. As for health areas such as inflammation, Cell defence etc, there are specific differences in races, such as higher inflammation in Caucasians, lower antioxidant amongst the Chinese and reduced fat Metabolism and regulation with Indians Asian.

8. How do you continue to support your clients after the results are shared?

One of our main selling points is aftercare, we intend on creating a continuous "always ON" company, we believe that EVERY client should get a phone or skype consultation after the results so we can help them with interpretation of the genetics related to their environment and goal. Depending on the package a client has chosen they will receive varying levels of aftercare with ALL being able to contact us on social media, email or phone and getting a swift and tailored response, with some gaining 12 weeks of week by week coaching on training/nutrition planning and to track progress, with some clients receiving blood tests, urine analysis, online and physical coaching for technically an unlimited time. However, all clients have the choice of receiving a FREE consultation even if they have used one of our taster small gene tests.

9. Where do you see your company and services in 5 years? 10 years?

We believe we can be market leaders in 5 years, this is due to our three-pronged approach to the business.

  1. 1Building a loyal client base.
  2. 2Putting our profits into lab development and in-house research projects.
  3. 3Offering an unparalleled level of customer service.

10. What is DNActiv8's unique selling point if readers are trying to select a company to work with?

We believe we are the DTC genetic testing company of the future due to our lab partners and team, most DTC companies utilise one panel of genes analysed in one lab, where as we utilise three labs across the world, with each lab utilising a different panel of genes. Our analysis allows an individual to actually take control of their genetic code to meet THEIR needs rather than just getting a report, we value our consultation highly as it allows the client to tell us what they want and what we can do to help, whether that be utilising our nutritionist, coach, geneticist or health professional. The fact we give a consultation as standard is what makes us unique, especially considering our highly varied and competitive pricing structure.