Meet The Team

DNActiv8 has come about through the enthusiasm, research and work of James Brown, Wez Pooley and Chris Collins. Who have all been professionally working in the Health, Sports and Medical industries for the last 17 years.

James Brown; CEO and Founder

Nutrigenomics Practitioner

DNActiv8 was founded in 2016, after 2 years of concept and design by its founder and CEO James Brown.

The world of DNA and Genetics really sparked an interest with me when in 2011 two of my younger cousins sadly passed away from Cystic Fibrosis. Initially years before I’d felt a little lost as to not knowing how to help them, as after all, I’d been helping the general public and athletes get fitter, stronger and healthier for years. This was a real milestone for me, as now understanding how we work, rest and exercise at a cellular and genetic level gave me a wealth of knowledge and more clarity on how to enhance my capability to help improve health, fitness and performance levels.

Coming from a professional rugby background then moving into the Health & Fitness industry in 2000, where initially I was working as a personal trainer and later moved into strength & conditioning and as a nutritionist working with a variety of athletes, from Formula One to International rugby.

We have now launched one of the worlds most advanced and comprehensive genetic health, fitness and performance companies. And are looking forward to helping not only athletes, but any individual looking to understand how their body works and how to maximise their health, fitness or performance.

Wez Pooley; Performance Director

BSc Hon Sports Science
Strength & Conditioning Brighton FC

Wez has worked in the education and fitness industry for 20 years including being a professional athlete.
Completed a sports science degree and played professional rugby to then becoming and educator in the Health and Fitness industry, along side this was a qualified PT, class instructor and sports coach. 

He then developed into a Strength & Conditioning coach for Brighton & Hove Albion FC and Welsh Deaf International Rugby Team, and also continues to play elite level sport and is a sponsored athlete.

Most recently he has moved in to Tutoring Personal Trainers and working with Gym Corporate Companies to train trainers and support them in growing their PT business.

And as of last year started working with James, and became the Performance Director at DNActiv8.  

Chris Collins; Development Director

MSST, PGd, BSc Hons

Chris has worked in Sports Science, Rehab, Injury Management and Healthcare for 10 years. Working in a variety of roles from wellness consultant to Nestle UK & I, genetic research and development for multiple companies, the NHS and sports therapist to multiple professional teams.

With a wealth of postgraduate certifications and professional body memberships Chris helps develop our products, conducts research and gives each client the professional expert service they deserve to get the most from their complex and unique genetic data.

"One of our main aims is to work closely with you to achieve significant increases in both your physiology and psychological health, performance and abilities."

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We have recently produced a free ‘Beginners Guide To Genetic Testing’ ebook, which you can download from the link below.

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